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Meegios the working-title for a Meego Nagios client.

The idea is to be a much better and improved version of what's available in Maemo als Maegios[1].

It monitors your Nagios installation and alerts you when there are status changes.

Interfacing with Nagios (HTTP/Scraping/api/proxy)

Currently Meegios works like Maegios by scraping the nagios status pages to retrieve information.

This is less then ideal for a number of reasons, one of the most important being security.

Therefor a second part is (going) to be developed that will allow the application to speak to an API interface which administrators can place and secure in there DMZ.

This way the app does not need raw access to Nagios and traffic needed to retreive the information will also be much less.


Currently the UI is not being worked on as such. The main effort at the moment is to get the basics working and then quickly move on with the UI.

The GUI will be a cross between the UI used by Nokia in their Twitter and Wi-Fi hotspot applications.

With direct notifications (and tone/vibration patterns) to the screen for alerts and status changes.




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